MGRC offers high-throughput sequencing services for genomes, transcriptomes and metagenomes. We also provide in-depth consulting to ensure that you select the best sequencing strategy for your project’s needs.


MGRC’s Genome Analysis Services help you accelerate your genomics research. These services, which include Contract Genomics, Traits Analysis, and Trio Sequencing, can be customised to suit your project goals, requirements and budget.


Our Genetic Screening Services (GSS) are designed to provide important information about your DNA. This information can help your doctor identify the state of your genetic health, including any predispositions towards genetic diseases and possible adverse drug reactions. The type of GSS used depends on the level of detail being sought from the analysis of your DNA.


Cancer immunotherapy is a next-generation treatment strategy for many different types of cancer. This strategy focuses on the body’s adaptive immune system to recognise and specifically attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells undamaged. This may offer a safer and more effective treatment option for patients suffering from late-stage cancers or those that have metastasised, or patients for whom conventional treatments have proven ineffective. CAR T-Cells are generated from a patient’s own T-Cells and are engineered in a specialised cell laboratory to express antibody-like chimeric antigen receptors for targeting specific cancer cells via surface or intracellular proteins. MGRC’s CAR T-Cell immunotherapy is available to patients across Southeast Asia on a compassionate use basis.