Prof Mauno Vihinen
Origin, Implications and Prediction of Genetic Variation Effects
Institute of Medical Technology, University of Tampere, Finland
Prof Mervyn Bibb
Genomic Approaches to Antibiotic Discovery
John Innes Centre, United Kingdom
Prof Dr Habibah Abdul Wahab
Combined Structural Bioinformatics, Atomistic Simulation, and Cheminformatics Increase Chances in Designing Hit Anti-Infectives Based on Natural Products
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Prof Chris Rawlings
Supporting Systems Biology with Data Integration
Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, England

Dr George Grills
Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies as Shared Research Resources
Cornell University, USA

Dr Richard W. Michelmore
Comparative Genomics of Plant-Pathogen Interactions
The Genome Center at UC Davis, USA

Dr John McCauley
H1N1: Background and Update
National Institute for Medical Research, United Kingdom

Dr Jane Rogers
Recent Advances in Plant Genomics
The Genome Analysis Centre, United Kingdom

Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin
Who Needs a Better Banana? : Molecular Approaches to Banana Improvement
Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR), Malaysia

Prof Sean May
Deciphering Plant Biology Using a Cocktail of Post-Genomics Functional and Systems Biology Approaches
The Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC), United Kingdom

Prof Elaine Mardis
Deciphering the Leukemia Genome Using the Next Generation Sequencing Technologies
Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, USA

Prof Maude Phipps
Genomics, Migration and Medicine
University of Malaya, Malaysia

Assoc Prof Jennifer Ann Harikrishna
MicroRNA Discovery in Tropical Plants
University of Malaya, Malaysia

Prof Lim Saw Hoon
The Y Files – Journey from Autosome to Sex Chromosome or Bust
Malaysia University of Sciences and Technology (MUST), Malaysia

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