Genome Analysis Services


KKLIU 0685 / EXP 31.12.2026

Our Bioinformatics service comprises proprietary pipelines that rank, filter and analyse reads from all major sequencing platforms. Through this service, you can save on time and cost, and focus on publishing your research results more rapidly.

Next-Generation Reads Quality Analysis
We analyse raw reads, and channel only the high quality ones into pipelines.

Whole Genome Assembly
This service involves the de novo assembly and scaffolding of genomes of various sizes and complexities using paired-end reads from sequencing experiments. We also assemble genomes by mapping based on known or highly homologous reference genomes.

Variation Analysis of Genomes
Through this service, the genome is analysed for variations. Known and novel sequence polymorphisms, insertions, deletions and large-scale genomic re-arrangements are characterised for subsequent downstream analysis.

Gene Annotation
We identify genes using DNA sequence information and then assign names, keywords and putative functions through functional analysis. We also characterise similarities between genomes using comparative genomics.

Exome and Transcriptome Analysis
Our pipelines are designed to provide a view of known and novel single nucleotide variants (SNVs) within the exons in a genome. Detailed information on alternative splicing, gene expression levels and SNVs within the transcriptome is also reported.

Other Analytical Pipelines
MGRC also offers pipelines for processing ChIP-Seq data, annotating and analysing microRNAs, and analysing mutations.