MGRC’s New Genetic Screening Test to ‘Dtect’ DNA for Wellness


Kuala Lumpur, 12 August, 2014 – A Malaysian company has revolutionised wellness care through the screening of DNA to find ways to mitigate the risks for developing diseases. Results of the test can help health practitioners to develop more personalised wellness and fitness programmes for their patients.

Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (MGRC) announced that conducting the Dtect Wellness genetic screening test on a person’s DNA could identify genetic variations that affect an individual’s overall wellness and fitness levels.

Based on the test results, wellness and medical practitioners can advise individuals on optimum dietary intake, lifestyle changes and suitable exercise.

Dtect Wellness test will be made available at all official Dtect partner wellness centres, in September 2014.

The launch of the new test is in conjunction with the company’s 10th year of operations in Malaysia.

MGRC’s Managing Director, Robert Hercus, said, “Genetic applications are becoming an important part of preventive medicine. Dtect Wellness could assist medical practitioners to develop a more personalised health regime for their patients. In turn, patients may be suitably informed to take more proactive steps towards eating healthily and exercising effectively.”

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre Consultant Physician and Cardiologist, Dr Chin Sze Piaw, said, “Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre is pleased to be working closely with MGRC to make genetic screening readily accessible to the public. MGRC has a proven track record of providing genetics-based services in Malaysia, as well as in South East Asia and Europe. We are confident that Dtect Wellness will become a vital component at wellness and health screening centres throughout the country.”

Dtect Wellness is MGRC’s flagship product in the Dtect range of genetic screening tests. It is designed to help individuals and families to better understand their genetic risks for conditions that affect their overall health.

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