Malaysian Genomics Resource Center Berhad Launches US$4000 Human Genome Bioinformatics Service

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 April 2010 – Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (MGRC) today announced the release of its US$4000 Human Genome Bioinformatics service. This is a comprehensive end-to-end bioinformatics analysis service for human genome sequencing projects. The special offer price includes the pre-processing of 30X sequence data from Illumina’s Genome Analyzer or Complete Genomics’ DNA sequencing platform followed by the mapping and reporting of CNVs, SNPs and Indels. Users may also opt to do identification of structural variations and comparative genomics as additional services. MGRC is also releasing a new genome browser for viewing the genome. This ‘built-from-scratch’ browser is optimised to handle the volume and complexity of next-generation sequencing data.

This service is part of MGRC’s SynaWorks programme, an extensive suite of bioinformatics solutions specifically tailored to manage and leverage data generated from next-generation sequencers.

MGRC Managing Director, Robert Hercus, said, “Since launching SynaWorks in 2008, we have successfully completed a large number of human and cancer genome projects for our customers. This has led to the continual improvement of existing pipelines, which in turn has enabled MGRC to provide a comprehensive and rapid service for whole human genomes in a short turnaround time and at groundbreaking low costs.”

The Human Genome Bioinformatics service would be most beneficial for small and medium research facilities which may have hardware or manpower resource limitations. This service enables researchers to outsource the analysis of their data at a low price and gives them more time to focus on their core business and research.

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