Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute, Wake Forest University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden conducted a study on 4000 Swedish men.

The researchers found 16 SNPs across five chromosomes that were more common in men with prostate cancer. Out of these, they chose representative SNPs from each chromosomal region for the purpose of creating a panel. It was found that men with all five SNPs plus a family history of prostate cancer were more than nine times more likely to have the disease.

William Isaacs of the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute noted that that these SNPs may not in themselves lead to increased cancer risk, but could be markers linked to other changes that do.

The SNP Genotype rs1447295(A;A) or rs1447295(A;C) gives an odds ratio of 1.70 for prostate cancer and the risk increases if rs6983267 or rs10086908 are present.

SynaSearch™ can be used to easily visualise the position of the SNP genotype used in the study.

To locate the position of the SNP Genotype rs1447295(A;C) please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click HERE and submit query.
  2. Click on the result FASTA headers to retrieve the sequence information from NCBI.
News source: Medical News Today.

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