My Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC) licenses Synamatix Technologies to Beatson Institute for Cancer Research (UK)

Kuala Lumpur, September 8 2005 – The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research (UK) has licensed Synamatix technologies via “MGRC – My Genomics Resource Centre” (, an online bioinformatics services platform and partner of Synamatix. MGRC services will be used to support the Beatson Institute’s research focus on the cell and molecular biology of cancer. Prof. Keith Vass, Head of Bioinformatics at the Institute, stated that, “the performance of Synamatix technologies via MGRC meets our requirements for a fast and sensitive genome analysis platform. We are particularly excited in applying the unique capabilities of these tools in performing fast searches across large phylogenetic distances.”

All MGRC applications are based on Synamatix’s suite of tools (collectively known as SynaSUITE™), and are built on Synamatix’s core IP, SynaBASE™, a structured network database platform for storage of large and complex biological data. “We are pleased to add the Beatson Institute to our growing list of partners and users. This is further validation of the potential value of SynaBASE in addressing disparate and challenging biological data analyses”, said Dr. Arif Anwar, Vice President of Synamatix.

MGRC was recently launched at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference (ISMB) 2005 in Detroit, Michigan. The company is currently providing users with 3 months trial access to its tools and selection of publicly available genomes, protein and nucleotide databases, which are stored in a unique structured format based on patterns and their association (SynaBASE), rather than conventional flat files and relational database platforms. This approach leads to significant advances in performance and sensitivity across a wide array of genomics applications.

About the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research
The Beatson Institute pursues excellent research into the mechanisms that cause cancer or fight it; the Beatson provides cutting edge facilities for outstanding scientists in the field of cancer research. Research ranges from basic molecular cancer research to the development of cancer drugs and diagnostics, both in the laboratory and the clinic. Our major strength and contribution to the cancer research effort is in studying the molecular pathways governing cell growth, cell death and movement; and how these processes are perturbed in cancers. We provide an environment in which this basic research can flourish and be translated into potential new therapies in close association with local clinical departments and pharmaceutical company partners.

The bulk of our research funding comes from Cancer Research UK. The next few years will see a considerable expansion of the Beatson Institute, with the completion of the new building in 2006. We are actively recruiting new group leaders and expanding our existing groups. Part of the strategy is to enhance scientific communication. The Beatson Symposium / Beatson International Cancer Conference, an extremely popular and successful event is held annually, as is the smaller but no less successful Beatson Institute Workshop. The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research is proud to be a centre of excellence in cancer research.

About Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC)
Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in May 2004 with the specific focus of establishing an ASP bioinformatics service (My Genomics Resource Centre) for the ultra-high-throughput analysis of biological data using SynaSite™, an ASP subset derivative of SynaSUITE™. The service will be offered on a subscription basis to life scientists and researchers worldwide. MGRC will also collaborate with select industry partners on research projects of value to the life science community at large.

About Synamatix
Synamatix is a 2nd generation bioinformatics company specialising in the creation of databases and research applications for the storage, analysis and mining of genetic sequence data. Since its inception in 2001, Synamatix’s core focus has been to resolve one of the major problems facing the Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries today i.e. the exponential growth in genomic data continually outpacing advancements in computer processing power and memory. Having created the world’s first integrated structural database system for genetic sequence data, Synamatix is now positioned to address the most challenging applications in bioinformatics database research and development. It is envisaged that Synamatix’s modular suite of applications (SynaSuite) will be able to meet demands placed by scientists at critical steps in modern, high throughput, functional genomics and proteomics. For more information please email us at or alternatively visit our website at

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