Synamatix Subsidiary, Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC), Goes Live!

KUALA LUMPUR , Malaysia , June 27, 2005 – Synamatix, a Malaysia-based bioinformatics company, today announced that its subsidiary, Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC), an online service provider platform for high-throughput sequence analysis tools, is now operational. The ASP platform will be branded as “MGRC – My Genomics Resource Centre” ( reflecting its primary aim of servicing the wide and varying needs of individual scientists and researchers worldwide.

A key component of Synamatix R&D activities is to work closely with its partners to develop and explore new areas of application for its core IP, SynaBASE™, a structured network database for storage of sequence data based on pattern constructs and their inter-relationships. A development initiative commenced nine months ago (in October 2004) was to port SynaSUITE™ applications onto an ASP platform (aptly named as SynaSite™) to meet demands for online access to its proprietary technologies.

“Since commercialisation in March 2004, we have had numerous requests from individual researchers and small groups ranging from academia to commercial organisations for online access to SynaBASE and SynaSUITE high-throughput applications. This has led to the establishment of MGRC, which utilises the new SynaSite platform to offer easy, affordable access to the high-speed applications and SynaBASE versions of genome and protein databases,” said Synamatix Managing Director & CSO, Robert Hercus. The SynaSite ‘product-offering’ will subsequently be offered to other bio portals which would like to further enhance their online services.

Since the announcement of its MGRC initiative in October 2004, the project team has been focusing on evaluating various hardware systems and configurations to support its requirements. In the last three months MGRC has selected and successfully implemented a cluster consisting of HP Itanium dual processors, each with 64 GB of memory, into a data centre. It is envisaged that the current configuration will enable MGRC to support an initial target of up to 1000 online users.

“We are excited with the prospects of bringing the unique capabilities of Synamatix technologies to the marketplace via the Internet. Easy access to the SynaSite integrated high-throughput platform is designed to accelerate users’ day-to-day research activities,” said MGRC Operations Manager, Sasha Nordin. All MGRC databases, which include the majority of publicly available databases, will not be stored as “flat files” but as a SynaBASE whereby each unique sequence pattern (or subsequence) and their inter-relationships are maintained in a “structured network”. This means that SynaBASE can store a large variety and volume of genomic data in a very small space.

MGRC’s primary goal is to service individual researchers and scientists who require high-throughput technologies and database platforms but are unable to afford the high costs associated with such technologies. As part of its June 2005 launch, a one (1) month FREE trial promotion will be offered to visitors of its site (

About Synamatix
Synamatix is an innovative bioinformatics company specialising in the creation of databases and research applications for the storage, analysis and mining of genetic sequence data. Since its inception in 2001, Synamatix’s core focus has been to resolve one of the major problems facing the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries today i.e. the exponential growth in genomic data continually outpacing advancements in computer processing power and memory. Having created SynaBASE, the world’s 1st structured network database system for genetic sequence data, Synamatix is now poised at the forefront of global bioinformatics database research and development. It is envisaged that Synamatix’s technologies will be able to meet demands placed by scientists at every step in modern, high-throughput, functional genomics and proteomics.

About Malaysia Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC)
Malaysia Genomics Resource Centre Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 18 May 2004 with the specific focus of establishing an ASP bioinformatics service (My Genomics Resource Centre) for the ultra-high-throughput analysis of biological data using SynaSite™. The service will be offered on a subscription basis to life scientists and researchers worldwide. MGRC will also collaborate with select industry partners on research projects of value to the life science community at large.

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