Premium Workshops

Introducing Bioinformatics for Biologists
Using UNIX and Linux
Date : 3 – 4 September 2014
Time : 9 am – 5 pm
Venue :
MGRC Training Centre
37-5, Level 5
Boulevard Signature Office
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Fee : RM2,000 per person
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Course Outcomes
In this workshop, you will learn:
• How to use open-source virtual machines running UNIX and Linux operating systems
• The basics of setting up workflows, and scripting pipelines
• About UNIX and Linux command lines and software installation
• The different types of open-source software for various bioinformatics applications
You should have:
• Basic computer competency
• Strong understanding of biology
• Keen interest in bioinformatics and genomics
• Basic experience with UNIX operating system
Workshop Agenda
Day 1
Introduction to UNIX / Linux Environment
- Instal Ubuntu and Virtual Machine
- Queue tasks and manage computing resources
- Learn basic UNIX commands and practices
- Apply UNIX commands to manipulate files
Day 2
Application of EMBOSS, BLAST and BLAT
- Learn about EMBOSS, BLAST and BLAT
- Instal programs in a UNIX environment
- Use EMBOSS to analyse sequence and calculate sequence statistics
- Run BLAST and BLAT to search and annotate protein, mRNA and genomic sequences
Overview of Downstream Analysis Applications Using Web-Based SynaSuite Tools
- Search and annotate sequence with SynaSearch and SynaTate
- Design and validate probes with SynaProbe and SynaHybridise